How to Change App Language without Changing Device Settings with Xcode

While working on a localised app, whenever I had to test app in a different language, either on the simulator or an iOS device, I use to change the device language. Which takes time and also makes it difficult to change back to your default language, in case you don't understand the selected language. But [...]

How to Generate Swift/Objective-C Networking Code Using Postman

Postman is a popular app for API testing. If you are an iOS Developer, high chances you must have used it. Postman has a useful feature, which let us generate networking code in our preferred language, for the APIs we are testing. Let me show you how it works.  Fill in details of the API [...]

How to Setup Local Notifications in iOS Xcode

Notifications are for informing user about any important activity in the App. The most important feature of notifications is that it works even when the app is in background. There are two types of Notifications - Remote and Local. Push/Remote Notifications were introduced in iOS 3. Since the release of iOS 4, Apple introduced a [...]

Solution: Location Services Not Working In iOS 8 Xcode 6

I am working on a App since past few months which uses location data. Things were working fine earlier. But after updating to the Xcode 6 and using the new iOS 8 simulator, I observed the location services have stopped working. After a bit of research I find the solution. If you are facing similar [...]

How to Create Custom Switch Control View – XCode iOS

You use the UISwitch class to create and manage the On/Off buttons used, for example, in the Settings app for options such as Airplane Mode and Bluetooth. These objects are known as switches. -Apple XCode has no option to change the shape and size of the default UISwitch button. If you need to create a [...]

Learning Swift – Apple’s New Programming Language

Apples recently announced its new Programming Language Swift for iOS (Cocoa Touch) and OS X (Cocoa). Its modern, more like a scripting language and easier for new developers to learn. Another great feature is its interoperability with existing Objective-C code. If you have a iOS/Mac Developer Account at Apple, you can download the Beta version [...]

How to Save/Load Image/Videos from Camera Roll – XCode iOS

Learn how to implement UIImagePickerController for picking media from gallery or camera. Also learn how to save image or video to gallery. For Image - To Save Image to Camera Roll - - (IBAction)SavePhotoOnClick:(id)sender{ UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum(imageToBeSaved, nil, nil, nil); } To Load Image from Camera Roll - 1. Set the UIImagePickerDelegate in your ViewController.h file - [...]