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Find Which Paid Apps are Currently Free or on Sale in the iTunes App Store

App Publishers at times make their paid apps free or offer some discount on the actual price for a limited time. It can be for any special occasion or for promotional purpose. Whatever the reason may be but we users benefit from it.

We usually get info about such deals from friends, people sharing about it on social sites or from some news site. Guys at TopAppCharts have made it really easy to keep track of such deals. They have added a dedicated page on their site which regularly updates on the latest deals. You can get the info at “Now for FREE!” and “Now on Sale!“.

Bookmark these pages now and keep visiting them regularly to never miss a free app offer again.

Namit Gupta

Technical Lead iOS @ONEChampionship | Ex-SDE2 @ Halodoc, Ex-iOS Lead @ Vokal. ❤️ Swift, designing pixel-perfect UI and writing clean code. Check my portfolio here.

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