Generate iPhone / iPad Screenshots in Realistic Environments with your App

This interesting tool lets you generate iPhone and iPad screenshots in realistic environment with your app on the device screen. You just have to provide a screenshot of your app and this tool automatically places it in the picture. It seems very real as if someone is really using your app. This is a great tool for generating promotional images for your app.

However there is no direct option to download the generated image. You have to do Right-click and “Save Image” to save the image onto your computer. Although the tool provides you share option, which lets you shares the image on the internet via a link which opens the image in the tool itself.

The website is Below are few samples of my Gangnam App generated by this tool.

breezi_placeit breezi_placeit (1)

Namit Gupta

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  1. Hi, maybe iSweetIt ( is also worth a try, can generate product screenshots and takes use of overlay modes to add reflexions or shadows. Really cool thing!

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