How to Add New Desktop Screens to your Mac

mission-control-macIf you have lots of applications open and you need more space to manage your apps, you can add additional desktop screens to your Mac. “Spaces” is a feature introduced in OS X Lion that allows you to have multiple desktop screens. The apps that are launched in a desktop space are dedicated to that space.

To create additional desktops you’ll have to first open up Mission Control. You can open it up by pressing the F3 key on your keyboard or clicking the mission control icon on your dock. The icon looks like the icon at the right.

When you open Mission Control, you’ll see two sections. The main section, which takes up most of the center of the screen, is Exposé, which shows your Mac’s desktop and helps you find a window on your Mac. On top of Exposé are your desktop spaces. This is where you can manage Spaces. Available desktops appear as thumbnails; the first thumbnail is of the Dashboard, the second is of the desktop.

To add another desktop in Mission Control, move your cursor anywhere to the right of the desktop thumbnail. A pop-up with a + symbol will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on it, and a new desktop will appear.


How to Move Between Desktop Screens

You can use gestures, if enable on your device. With Trackpad, Swipe right and left with four fingers. With magic mouse, swipe right or left with two fingers. Or with keyboard you can press control+right/left arrow key.

How to Remove a Desktop Screen

To get rid of a desktop space, move your cursor over the desktop you want to delete. A circle with an X will appear on the upper left corner of the thumbnail. Also, if you hold down the Option key, the circle-X appears on all of the spaces (except Desktop 1 and the Dashboard). Click the circle-X to get rid of a desktop.

Full-Screen Apps

You can even bring your app to full-screen mode, by clicking the full screen icon at the top right corner of the app. Provided that the app supported the full-screen mode. This is also a function of the spaces feature of Mac.

I find this feature really useful. I always prefer full-screen mode with the app I am working on at the time. This reduced the extra noise on the screen and let me focus fully on my app. And its even quick to switch between apps if using gestures.

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