Learning Swift – Apple’s New Programming Language

swift apple iosApples recently announced its new Programming Language Swift for iOS (Cocoa Touch) and OS X (Cocoa). Its modern, more like a scripting language and easier for new developers to learn. Another great feature is its interoperability with existing Objective-C code.

If you have a iOS/Mac Developer Account at Apple, you can download the Beta version of the new XCode 6, and start experimenting with Swift. Below are the links from where you can learn the new language –

1. Official Book on Swift Programming Language – A fantastic 500 pages book, covering all the Swift from basics to Advance.

2. Playground Guided Tour – Playgrounds make writing Swift code incredibly simple and fun. Type a line of code and the result appears immediately. To start a Guided Tour in Playground, Open the Swift book in XCode 6 Docs and in the “Swift Tour” click on Open Playground.

This is a brief overview of the Swift language. The best thing is the sample code is editable. So you can make changes to the code and learn more effectively.

3. Online Tutorials

a. Raywenderlich.com – Swift Language Highlights: An Objective-C Developer’s Perspective – This is not a Swift get started guide, instead it discuss about some interesting areas of the new language.

b. Raywenderlich.com – Swift Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference – There’s a lot of new syntax in Swift. So, it’s a cheat sheet / quick reference on the language.

4. Quick Introduction to Swift – An interesting presentation by Giordano Scalzo.

I will keep updating this article as I find anything new!

Are you an iOS Developer, Or wanting to get into it, What are your views on Swift? Please let me know in the comments.

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