How to Make Good Demo / Explainer Video for your App for Just $5

Are you planning to get a demo video for your app? Don’t hire Spielberg. Spend wisely. Here is the 10 step how-to:

  1. Write a script in Google Drive (160 words=1 minute)
  2. Hire well-reviewed voice-over artist on Fivver ($5) to read script
  3. Import voice-over MP3 file into PowToon
  4. Create & synch ppt slides in PowToon
  5. Export the combined voice+visual MP4 to iMovie
  6. Add sound effects, normalize audio, etc in iMovie
  7. Post to YouTube
  8. Add Titles/Tags inspired by Google Keyword Tool
  9. Embed & Share link with your community
  10. Rinse repeat. Time cost = 3-4 hours

I have not tried it myself yet, but its looks pretty effective so though of sharing it here. I got this from a community on Facebook. Thanks Niren Hiro.

Namit Gupta

Technical Lead iOS @ONEChampionship | Ex-SDE2 @ Halodoc, Ex-iOS Lead @ Vokal. ❤️ Swift, designing pixel-perfect UI and writing clean code. Check my portfolio here.

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