Move Files from Mac to iPhone or Vice Versa in a Click

When you want to transfer files from your one device to another, you can email those files to yourself as an attachment and download the same on other device. Or you can use some tool such as Dropbox to move files.

DeskConnect makes it more quick and easy to move files from one device to another. You can transfer any type of file. You just need to have DeskConnect installed on both the target and source devices. It’s available for Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

transfer files iphone mac ipad

How to send files – 

  1. Install the Application on both the devices.
  2. Open the application and create an account.
  3. Login with the same account on both the devices.
  4. Transferring from Mac to iPhone – DeskConnect icon will appear on the menu bar at the top. Just drag and drop your files to the icon. And you will instantly get the file on the other device.
  5. Transferring from iPhone to Mac – Open the application, choose “Send Photo”, select a photo from gallery. And you will instantly get it on your Mac.

DeskConnect can also transfer other data such as Clipboard, Website url, Map Directions and Contact Info. Its well-integrated with other apps, so it intelligently performs the required action, like if you send a url, it automatically opens it up in safari on the other device.

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Namit Gupta

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